Vegan foods sticker pack of 6

Set of 6 high-quality cut-out stickers of your favorite Simple Happy Kitchen vegan characters: Tomato, Mr. Pedro Almondavar (Almond), Pea, Chickpea, Tofu and Cashew - all in one lovely pack. Stick them on your laptops, notebooks, phones or windows! don't eat them!

Stickers sizes:

Almond: 5.4x10 cm / 2.12x3.93 in
Tomato: 8x8.7 cm / 3.14x3.42 in
Pea: 7x7 cm / 2.75x2.75 in
Cashew: 8.5x6.4 cm / 3.34x2.51 in
Tofu: 8.6x7 cm / 3.38x2.75 in
Chickpea: 7.5x7 cm / 2.95x2.75 in