Milk Us. Not Cows! - Non dairy milk print

Help spread knowledge and educate your friends about the effects of the animal industry on our environment with this infographic art print encouraging the consumption of plant-based "milks".

Printed on 260g high quality paper. Frame and decorations are not included.

Width x Height:
297 x 420 mm
11.7 x 16.5 in

Plant-based milk makes some of the tastiest things in the world possible: cappuccino, cereal, vegan ice cream and more.
People are becoming aware that cow’s milk is not that healthy. They are also learning that the image of happy cows strolling on a grassy knoll is a far cry from the real suffering cows endure on dairy farms.
Fortunately, there are several types of plant-based milks now available at your local supermarket!

All supermarkets now stock a huge variety of dairy-free products, and the selection continues to grow. It has never been easier to make the switch.

* Frame and decorations are not included.